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Making a Reservation
For a price quotation or for more information about yacht rentals please contact Emanuela Rondinello at +39.346.502.8482 or use our online request form





Did You Know?
Sardinian coasts are a wonderful natural stage for many regattas. To get the full calendar please go to the official site of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - YCCS


Yacht Charter

Sardegna is an enchanting paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean that counts about 1.800 km of beautiful coasts and more than 198 islands - many uninhabited.

You have truly visited Sardegna only if you have travelled around it on a sea of a thousand colours.

One of the best spots where to get onboard and start on a journey that will touch your soul is the Costa Smeralda.

Eccelsa Aviation in cooperation with Exclusive Yacht Charter offers you a well selected range of motorboats and yachts for your personal unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

Arno Aleon

CNL Admiral Alila

Azimut 75

Azimut 86s

Azimut 86's Deck

Sunseeker Black & White

Sunseeker Devocean

One on the decks on board of Benetti's Mamina

Benetti Tommy

Testing the water

Aicon Yacht Emily Too

Maiora 24s

Riva 72 Sundeck

Benetti Mamina

Mitsubishi O'Mega

Riva 72 Splendida

RM Elegant

Overmarine Samoa Bay

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If you have already been travelling on the sea around Sardegna you may now be curious about exploring the magical land of hills, mountains, and small towns that stud a landscape of breathtaking beauty that some historians affirm had been the mythical Atlantis. What best way to continue on your journey than by driving a true Italian Sport Car?


Save Time & See Sardegna as you have never seen it before: bird-flying over its white beaches, green hills, and rocky mountains to your favourite destinations of Costa Smeralda and beyond




Vorsprung Durch Technik


Eccelsa Aviation takes care of its customers in every aspect of their transit in Olbia. Every year more than 5000 people are escorted by car from their aircraft to the Eccelsa Aviation Executive Terminal and back. Recently Eccelsa Aviation renewed its entire fleet of cars by looking for the most comfortable and technically advanced solution available.




How can I make my stay in Sardegna
a truly memorable experience?

You have tasted many dishes of the local cuisine and been to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. What else can you enjoy to make your stay truly memorable?